Biggsville Expressway


Henderson County, IL

William Charles Construction constructed a new 5.8 mile four lane expressway (US 34) in Henderson County, IL located south of Biggsville, IL. The project was a 2 year project with the earthwork and bridge construction being performed in the first year and roadway paving being completed in the second year. Major items of work included: 1,000,000 CY of earth excavation activities; 23,000 SY of rip rap placement; 235,000 Tons of asphalt paving; 23,000 LF of storm sewer pipe & culverts; installation of sand drainage blanket and 154,000 LF of wick drains; construction of a river bridge and interchange bridge. The major challenge of the project was the use of existing soils for constructing embankments. The soils were silty sands and clays and limited use restrictions were required, continual drying of soils using open air techniques and lime stabilization were utilized to insure the project stayed on schedule. A portable plant and onsite processing facility was utilized to produce the asphalt for paving operations. Total value of project: $40.5 million.

Earth Excavated
Asphalt Pavement
Project Value

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