Genoa Road Interchange with Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) Reconstruction


Rockford, IL

Project Consists of Reconstruction of the 1-90 Mainline, including Eastbound and Westbound Median Shoulders and Concrete Barrier, Rehabilitation and Widening of Genoa Road. New Construction of Genoa Road and 1-90 Ramps A and B. Removal of Existing Genoa and 1-90 Road Ramps A and B. Removal of Genoa Road Ramp Bridge No. 641 over 1-90. Permanent Signing and Pavement Marking Construction of culverts. Installation of Guardrail. Landscaping and Erosion Control. Proposed Lighting and Maintaining Temporary Lighting. Installation of New Toll Equipment. Maintenance of Traffic.

Project Consist of (2) Control Building Collection Systems with Generator Back up Systems, VES Camera High Pressure Wash Systems, Temporary Road Way Lighting, 43 Permanent Road Way Lights, 16,389’ Conduit, 4,155’ Fiber Optic Cabling, (2) Traffic Signal Intersections.

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